A trip, an idea, wooden games

Niconico came about following a trip to Madagascar. I met locals playing in the street with a top propelling marbles. The idea to create board games of wood came from this encounter and is at the origin of the first game of the collection: the game Hadz named to honour a young guide met during this trip. This was the beginning of a passion, which became my profession.

Each game is the result of research and conception.

A Family Story

Playing games often rhymes with friends or family. I remember my dad playing cribbage, cigarette hanging from his mouth with a glass of gin in hand. It is partly thanks to him, if to this day, we still pull out the board games during family gatherings.

Beyond the understanding of woodworking techniques, conceiving and making board games is a pure joy. The help received from close associates, family and friends is added pleasure. According to the Petit Robert (French dictionary), receiving help from others is part of being an artisan. Thank you to everyone for your helping hand.

My games are hand-turned
which makes them unique.

Niconico’s mission is to offer aesthetic games made of wood, of superior quality that are simple and fun.

Research is the basis of the fabrication process of the Niconico games. My inspiration draws from age-old or rallying games, originating from the four corners of the world. In order to highlight the woods veining and lustre, I give special attention to the finish and choose native species and local suppliers.



Nicolas LeBlanc
Artisan Wood Turner, Designer and Founder of Niconico
Professional Member of Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec

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