The Word Mill

7 +
An unlimited number of players
15 min. or less
Word game

Fans of classical or contemporary literature put your vocabulary to the test. In this game, the dice and the marbles serve only one function: pay tribute to words. The Word Mill offers five different word games but let’s bet that with a bit of imagination, you will have soon invented others depending on the age and taste of the players. Discover this exclusive Niconico game on your own, with family or friends.

- Game made of cherry or wild cherry wood with walnut inlay
- Two metal marbles
- Three dice
- Hourglass
- Cloth bag to store pieces
- Rules in French and English

Approximate Size: diameter 30 cm (12")

The wordmill is crafted in small batches. If you want to order this game , contact us to check its availability.

Price: 125,00 $

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