The Snake

5 +
2 to 6 players
30 min. or less
Luck, pure luck!

The Snake is a family game of speed giving adults and young children the opportunity to play together. Up to six players can participate in the race, the serpent’s head being the goal. The game is unusual in that rather than using dice it is bets placed with the pebbles, which advance the pawns. The game’s graphics are similar to those of a game discovered on the walls of a tomb from the ancient Egyptian empire.

- Silk-screened print on cotton tacked to a wooden rod
- Six wooden pawns
- Six pebbles
- Cloth bag to store pieces
- Rules in French and English

Approximate Size
Open: 57 cm x 40 cm (22,5" x 15,75")
Closed: 57 cm x 13 cm (22,5" x 5")

Price: 40,00 $

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